Berlin Clubbing

by Jack Guy

Sep 3, 2018

Berlin © Rudi1976 | Dreamstime

Trends / Spring Break

Forget the beaches — a real spring break experience means partying it up in Europe’s clubbing capital of Berlin. The techno scene in Germany’s largest city is world-renowned and comes alive during the spring break season, making it the perfect time to tour the city and cut loose.


Europeans know Berghain, affectionately dubbed The Church of Techno, is one of the most widely respected clubs in the world. This large, lively dance arena is located inside an abandoned power plant and hosts live DJs from Friday evening all the way through Monday morning. At times frightening, but always thrilling, Berghain has a reputation for hardcore partying and a strict door policy.


://about blank is a grittier alternative to Berghain that boasts an indoor/outdoor setting with an impressive courtyard stage. It’s a great place to grab a little fresh air before returning to the grimy, heart-pumping interior. The club is also famous for its raucous STAUB parties hosted throughout the year.


If you’re really wanting to let loose, check out the infamous Alte Münze, a dungeon-like nightclub that features bi-monthly Pornceptual parties. That’s right, the club turns into a makeshift porn studio where naked people bump and grind all over the dance floor. Oddly enough, the venue is also a regular host of operas and musicals during the day.


Finally, for those looking for something a tad more easygoing, AVA offers an experience that pushes back against the traditional techno scene. A more laidback vibe and lax door policies mean it’s much easier to get into, and much more friendly to those who don’t fit into the scene quite as well as others.


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