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Bermuda Looks to Attract More African-American Tourists

by Susan Finch

Sep 6, 2019

Hamilton, Bermuda © Christina Ferrin | Dreamstime

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Bermuda’s proximity to East Coast airports and iconic pink sands make it a natural choice for an island getaway from the States. Bermuda tourism draws an estimated 650,000 people annually, with nearly 85 percent of those are tourists coming from the United States. But Bermuda sees more room for tourism expansion in a few key demographics, including African-American travelers.

The new Bermuda National Tourism Plan set an ambitious goal to double the number of African American tourists by 2025 from 4 percent to 8 percetn. In part, Bermuda plans to expand cultural tourism by focusing on heritage stories within the African Diaspora. The island hopes to bring more relevance to the history and culture of the island to appeal to African-American travelers, as well as to the general tourist demographic.

Bermuda is also making a push to increase tourism efforts in other areas as well, particularly during their traditional summer months. The island shares a similar climate to that of South Carolina, making it harder to appeal to tourists during the island’s chilly and rainy winters. Bermuda’s new tourism plan, dubbed AGILITY, will cover seven pillars, including awareness and relevance, greener, infrastructure, local involvement, innovation, teams and groups for year-round tourism appeal.

In addition to trying to double the amount of African American visitors per year, Bermuda plans to increase the number of travelers that recommend the island to friends and family. They’re also recruiting local residents to help support the development of tourism, with hopes to raise that number to 70 percent of the island.

For a comprehensive look at the island’s new plan and travel promotions, visit Go To Bermuda for more information.


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