Best Airbnb Rentals in NYC

by Nia Scott

Jan 7, 2019

© Francoisroux | Dreamstime
The colorful foliage in Central Park alone is a good reason to visit New York City in the fall. Add in the pleasant mild weather, a huge Oktoberfest celebration and a Cider Week, and you have the perfect autumn getaway.

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Airbnb is a great option for those looking to stay in New York City. It makes anyone’s stay feel more personal and less like a trip to a hotel. An Airbnb can add a new dimension to a trip because, for the duration of the trip, travelers can pretend New York is home. It makes for a more comfortable adventure. There are tons of Airbnb listings available in the many neighborhoods. The city itself is not cheap and renting an Airbnb might help to bring down the overall cost of the trip.


This one-of-a-kind rental will make the New York experience fantastic. Many have dreamed of owning a home in this crowded city, but the dream is usually just a dream because there is nowhere to place a home. This rental is a rooftop cottage in the dynamic East Village. It’s a three-story, private cottage and is charmingly decorated.


Another house rental is located in Williamsburg. This home was built in 1894 and has since been restored and brought into the modern age. It’s a magnificent home with décor that will make travelers feel like they stepped into the 18th century. The owners live on a separate floor and keep to themselves. It’s a little further away, but it might be nice to have a place outside of the city and quieter to return to at night.


Groups should rent this massive Airbnb. It’s four stories and has six bedrooms and three baths. Amazingly, this property is in the West Village. Staying here will make travelers feel like rich millionaires that can afford a big property in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

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