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Best Airfare Tracker Apps

by Audrey Lee

Dec 4, 2018

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Deciding which airline to fly to get the best bang for your buck can be a tedious task that may seem to go around in circles. You can spend hours surfing through websites that turn up with the same. Next time you are in this situation, try one of these apps instead to lessen the stress of finding your next flight.



The Skyscanner app alerts users when the price of a specific flight changes. A push notification will be sent to the user’s phone or email indicating if the price went up or down and by how much. Alerts are necessary for this app because deals can quickly change. Users can opt to receive alerts on a specific airline or have the app find the best deals on whatever airline, but to a specific route.



Just like Skyscanner, Hopper will send alerts when prices for flights changed. This app also features a color-coded calendar that shows a range of what flights typically cost during certain months.



Kiwi is a one-stop shop for cheap transportation offering the best deals for flights, trains and buses. Users can click on the “cheapest” option that will allow you to book one leg of your trip with one airline and then book the second half with another airline to save you big bucks.


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