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Best Hiking Apps

by Katie Skrzek

Oct 19, 2019

hiking © Martinmark | Dreamstime.com

Products / Technology

While it’s not a requirement to utilize apps on a hike, tech-savvy hikers may find these apps the perfect tools to enhance a hiking experience. Download these apps before you hit the trails.



AllTrails began as a website and now the companion app offers trail information for more than 75,000 hiking trails all over the world, including dog-friendly and kid-friendly options. Upload your own images to be part of the AllTrails community. The app is free to download.

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Map My Hike

Map My Mike is a perfect tool for anyone interested in the fitness aspect of hiking. The free app uses your phone’s sensors to track the pace, distance, calorie burn and elevation of your hike. Compare your results to previous hikes and set goals for future ones.

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REI Co-op National Parks Guide

If you’re hitting one of the country’s beautiful national parks, be sure to download REI’s guide. The free app offers complete trail data, hike descriptions, accommodation information and more. The trail maps use your device’s GPS, so you can access it offline.

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This free app is perfect for aspiring naturalists. Using image recognition technology, the app works like Shazam, but for plants and wildlife. Simply point the Seek camera at living things you encounter during your hike, and the app will identify it.

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