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Best Hotels in Mancora

by Benjamin Kerns

Jul 5, 2019

Mancora, Peru © Piccaya | Dreamstime.com

Tips / Destination

Mancora is steadily developing a reputation as a luxury getaway destination and boasts an impressive array of swanky resorts. Whether you’re visiting on a budget or money simply isn’t an issue, there’s something here to suit your needs. Check out these accommodations for a fantastic experience.


In terms of amenities, Las Olas Máncora doesn’t offer much to brag about. However, its location on the seafront opposite the surf point makes it a relaxing option close to the action. Just a few meters from the main street, it’s a great spot for those on a budget who want comfortable rooms and easy access to the beach.


Las Arennas exists on the opposite end of the spectrum, and offers luxurious accommodations that’ll make you never want to leave. The small hotel boasts ocean-view suits, private Jacuzzis facing the sea, an on-site restaurant and bar and ridiculously comfortable beds. Though swanky, it’s not as expensive as you might think.


The Vichayito Bungalows & Carpas offer an exclusive accommodation just outside of Máncora. Private bungalows nestled in a bed of trees on Vichayito Beach offer a natural refuge from the busy pace of the town. The bungalows are spacious and provide incredible views of the water. Or, you can opt for one of the Bedouin tents for a deluxe experience that makes you feel closer to nature.


Finally, if you’re really pinching pennies, you can spend a few days at the Misfit Hostel. This colorful refuge doesn’t come with many accouterments, but there’s no better place to mingle with other travelers. Located far enough away from the city center that there’s little noise, the hostel is a relaxing respite right next to kite surfing schools and the beach. You can even nab a hammock and sleep out under the stars.



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