Best Pets for Travelers

by Anne Flannery

Nov 12, 2018

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Life on the road is fun, but it can wreak a little bit of havoc on a happy home life. If you find yourself traveling a lot and do not have anyone to regularly walk the dog, then keeping a pet sometimes seems like too much of an investment of time and resources. This is actually not true. If you have the income to hire a dog or cat sitter, there is not much to worry about except the potential loneliness your pet might feel with you out of the house. This is a significant concern, but with a practical solution.


Investing in a pet that does not need as much attention is a solution. If reptiles are not really your thing, you might consider getting a fish, a Betta fish to be more specific. Are you thinking fish have no personality? You would be wrong. Betta fish are known for the ability to interact with owners, as well as their independent and curious spirits. These beautiful tropical fish are intelligent and in tune with their surroundings. They enjoy interaction with their owners, but are also content to be alone in a well-equipped tank. What is also beneficial is they can happily get by for three–seven days with the help of time-release food capsules and an occasional visit from a friend. If you are looking for a great pet that will not suffer from short stretches of time on its own try a Betta fish.


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