Best Pizza Restaurants in New York City

by Nia Scott

Aug 15, 2019

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Spend a day walking up to New Yorkers and asking them where the best places are to get pizza and they will all give you different answers. There are hundreds of pizza places in the city and everyone has a favorite spot they think is better than all the rest. Honestly, most of the pizza restaurants in the city are fantastic because they work to uphold the reputation of NYC pizza. All of these pizza restaurants are sure to deliver good food to your taste buds.


Buying pizza from Totonno’s at Coney Island means investing in a pizzeria open since 1924. This long-standing restaurant has a reputation for serving some of the best pizza with only top-quality ingredients. They use imported Italian olive oil and homemade mozzarella, all cooked in a coal-burning oven. Although the original owner passed, this business is still owned and ran by the same family.


Claiming to be America’s first pizzeria, no pizza-inspired trip to NYC is complete without a visit to Lombardi’s. Gennaro Lombardi first opened his restaurant in 1905 and taught his coal-fire skills to the later owner of Totonno’s. This restaurant is a cash-only spot and serves classic pies. Unlike most pizza establishments they do not serve by the slice. Some of the most popular pies are the clam pie and original margherita.


Dine in the same restaurant as Beyoncé, Jay-Z and the Beckhams at Lucali. Founded by Mark Iacono, this pizza restaurant went from an unknown spot to one of the best known in the city. The pizzeria is famous for its rustic wood-fired pizza pies and calzones. The plain pizza is frequently listed as the best plain pizza in the city and even the United States.





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