Best Pubs in Belfast

by Jack Guy

Feb 20, 2019

Belfast, Ireland © Datacode66 | Dreamstime

Tips / Destination

Pub culture is a big deal in Belfast, and there are plenty of watering holes where you can have a quiet drink or a big night out. Here are some of the best.

Among the newer pubs in town is The Five Points, which has quickly made a reputation as a top spot for live music. Grab a pint and watch the band play the night away.

Arguably the most famous pub in Belfast is The Crown Liquor Saloon, which boasts a long history and a consistently good atmosphere. Just across the road you will find Robinsons Bar, which has a number of rooms in different themes.

Head away from the tourist areas to Maddens Bar, where there are live bands every night. This is a real locals pub, so you might be one of the only tourists around.

Nearby is Kelly’s Cellars, a historic pub chock full of bric-a-brac. It’s an atmospheric old place that is a good bet for a Sunday afternoon drink.

Another historic pub is Whites Tavern, running since the 17th century. You can look it up in A Taste of Ulster Guide, and there are traditional peat-burning fires to keep you warm during the winter months.


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