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Best Souvenirs From Japan

by Jack Guy

Jan 15, 2020

Kanamara Matsuri, The Festival of the Iron Phallus, Kawasaki, Japan © Brandon Fike | Dreamstime

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If you want to take a little bit of Japan home with you from your trip, here are some top souvenirs.


Traditional Japanese knives are highly regarded around the world, and you can take them home in your checked bag. Head to Koppanbashi Street in Tokyo to see the largest selection in the city, and consider buying a Santoku knife. This is the multipurpose chef’s knife that you will be able to get the most use from.


Japan also makes a great range of sweets and snacks that make for good souvenirs. For example, Kit Kats famously come in a huge range of flavors, numbering in the hundreds.


Green tea, or matcha, is another traditional item you can easily bring home. It is typically served with wagashi, a kind of sweet treat made with rice paste and red bean paste.


If you are buying for kids, pick up a traditional kendama ball and string toy or koma spinning tops.


Another typical Japanese gift is an ornate fan, which come in a seemingly endless number of colors, as well as tenugui, traditional Japanese hand towels.


If you get a taste for local Japanese alcohol on your trip, why not bring home a bottle of sake or whisky? You will find bottles far cheaper in the country than at home.


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