Best Summer Festivals in Spain

by Nia Scott

Jul 18, 2019

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Andalucia, Spain, is one of the world’s oldest wine regions, known for its Sherry and sweet Malaga desert wine. With several festivals, tasting rooms and bars, there’s no shortage of things to see, do and taste in this stunning region.

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Spain is a country known for fiestas and festivals. This country knows how to celebrate and make sure everyone around them is having a good time. The festivals are located in various cities and towns across the country. Some places are well known for celebration and bring in tourists each year by making sure the festival improves each year.


Late in the summer, the city of Malaga hosts a week of festivities during the annual Fair of Malaga. During the day, the city will host a traditional celebration with exciting activities the whole family can enjoy. Once the sun goes down, the city transforms again, and the nighttime fair begins. This portion usually takes place just outside the city with many food stalls and dance tents. Visiting Malaga during this week in August is sure to leave travelers with amazing stories to share and fantastic memories to cherish.


Also, in August, Spain’s most popular city, Barcelona, hosts the Fiestas de Gracia. The Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona is transformed into a beautiful attraction with decorations on every corner. Visitors describe the experience as entering other worlds with each turn. Besides the decorations, the neighborhood comes alive with various street performances, fireworks and acrobats.


Kick off the summer with a more intimate celebration, Saint John’s Eve. This day marks the start of another beautiful Spanish summer. Friends and families will come together on beaches to light bonfires and fireworks in celebration.



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