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Best Ways to See Gettysburg’s Agritourism Side

by Holly Riddle

Aug 20, 2019

Gladfelter Hall at Gettysburg College © Jon Bilous | Dreamstime

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There’s so much more to Gettysburg beyond the destination’s historic and military attractions. The city and surrounding county provide travelers with so much to see and do you could easily plan a weekend trip to the area and enjoy an array of activities completely unrelated to the Battle of Gettysburg! Agritourism is one of the draws Gettysburg offers travelers; here’s how to best get a taste of the city’s finest producers and farms.



Think that just because you’re on vacation, there’s no point in picking your own produce? No space to cook, nowhere to store your bountiful harvest? Think again. You’ll be chowing down on those fresh blueberries before you even make it back to your hotel, so there’s no need to save them all for a pie.


Boyer Nurseries and Orchards offers an excellent pick-your-own program that families flock to each summer. Pick sweet cherries starting in mid-June, tart cherries and blueberries in July and apples in early September (though it’s always advised you call ahead to ensure the fruit is ready).


And even if you really don’t want to lug home a bucket of berries after your visit, you can still pack a lunch and enjoy a picture-perfect picnic under the cherry trees before getting lost in the hedge maze.


Say Hello to Some Barnyard Friends

The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market features a unique round barn, of which few are still in existence. Round barns were historically built by Shakers, who had a thing for circles, believing a circle wouldn’t allow the devil to trap you in the corner. Whether or not you’re worried about a satanic trap, the round barn is still an interesting stop on your exploration of Adams County agriculture.


After you see the up-top event space of the barn, go down below to shop at the expansive farmers market, and then next door to the barnyard, where some friendly critters await your proffered treats. The horses, donkeys and goats will scamper for your attention.


Taste the Local Wares

Of course, you can’t miss the end result of all this farming. Indulge in some libations created from the area’s many apple orchards and vineyards (Boyer Nurseries and Orchards has an on-site tasting room where you can try both cider and wine). Back in downtown Gettysburg, try one of the many farm-to-table restaurants.


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