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by Eugenia Lazaris

Dec 8, 2019

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Winter never comes alone. You can always count on it to bring along two things: chilly temperatures and colds. The Bioscarf is a great way to combat both of these nasty effects of the season and still be fashionable.


This wearable air-filtration system gives you an alternative to those unsightly masks that are not only uncomfortable to wear but make you look like you belong in quarantine. With the Bioscarf you can enjoy the outdoors safely while keeping warm, stylish and protected from germs and air pollutants.


While it wraps around like an ordinary scarf, it is designed with a built-in air filtration system specially designed to protect you from numerous allergens, pollutants and germs that can cause allergies and illness. The company promises the Bioscarf eliminates up to 99.75 percent of airborne particulates that can not only cause irritation but contribute to illnesses such as pneumonia, strep and tuberculosis. The scarf filters out smog, smoke and many pollutants that make being outdoors difficult for those who struggle with allergies.


The Bioscarf is available in four colors — black, white, green and camouflage — and retails here for $44.99. The company also offers gaiters (which offer the same filtration system in a slip-on neck sleeve) that come in two colors, black and camouflage.


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Jan 26, 2020

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Florida's panhandle is often overlooked by travelers, but a quick look at what makes this such a fascinating place to visit is sure to change your mind. The northwest portion of America's southeasternmost state, shaped just like it sounds — like the handle of a frying pan — is home to stunning beauty and wildlife. Bordered by Alabama, Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico, this part of Florida is laid-back, sparsely populated and ripe for exploring.

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Experience a big-city hotel stay that doesn’t feel like your typical urban visit at Chicago’s Claridge House, nestled in the sought-after Gold Coast neighborhood. The hotel’s sophisticated décor and serene residential ambience foster the atmosphere of an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis.

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There are 37 ski areas in the state of Michigan. The Great Lakes region is No. 2 in the nation when it comes to places to shred some snow and, luckily, much of it can be done on a budget.

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Review: Bobby’s Free Speakeasy, Barcelona, Spain

As the speakeasy hype continues to take the world by storm, Barcelona opened its fair share of clandestine watering holes, which you’ll only know about with some prior research. A simple barbershop in Eixample (near Plaça Catalunya) is seemingly inconspicuous, but, upon entry, it’s easy to tell the hair salon isn’t just a place to get your ears lowered.

Pack Your Bags, You’re Going to Tokyo!

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is the largest airline in Japan. With flights from the United States to Japan and all of Asia, it's the perfect airline to book your next trip with. From ANA's amazing in-flight food to its excellent customer service, it comes as no surprise ANA has been awarded five stars for its seventh consecutive year by the SKYTRAX World Airline Rating.

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Under $100: San Antonio, Texas

Traveling is hard if you are strapped for cash, but there are plenty of places in the United States that offer budget-friendly fun. If you are looking for a place to getaway where you won’t have to spend too much money, head to San Antonio, Texas.