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BOUNTE App for Lost Items

by Katie Skrzek

Feb 1, 2019

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Loosing something is one of the worst feelings while traveling. Whether it’s an insignificant item or something irreplaceable, loosing anything can cause immense stress. A new app, BOUNTE (, acts as a worldwide lost and found bin. Users can search for both lost and found items and even receive a reward for returning an item to its owner.


The app is free to download. Signup for free and list your lost item for a $1.99 in-app fee. Include a description, photo if possible, the date it was lost and use the location map to include the last-known location. Item owners have the option of offering a reward for a lost item.


BOUNTE also offers a found item option, if you discover a missing item in a location. Take a photo of the item and description of where you found it. Users can search for lost items on the map feature. BOUNTE uses geo-location technology to send out relevant location alerts for lost items in an area, so users currently in that area can search.


Download the BOUNTE app on iTunes or on Google Play.


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