Breadcrumbs App Lets Visitors Embark on a Treasure Hunt through London’s Museums

by Allie Moore

Mar 10, 2017

Natural History Museum, London, England © Roland Nagy | Dreamstime

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Traipsing through London presents a litany of photo-worthy sites fit for any bucket lister. But a new mobile app allows visitors to roam the city while playing a game, and to be rewarded when various treasures have been uncovered.


Upon downloading the app Breadcrumbs, users will receive clues on their mobile phones that will lead them to various destinations where answers to the clues await. Once they have submitted the correct response to the app’s questions, they will receive the next clue, and so on. Hunters can text for assistance in finding a location (“where”), and when hunters have discovered the answer to the clue’s questions, they text “solve” to proceed to the next step. If hunters become stuck or lost, the app will send further clues to aid in the hunt.


The virtual game will test minds and reward curiosity, all while providing a grand tour of London’s museums and attractions.


One full circuit of clues takes approximately two hours and includes visits to the V&A, the Natural History Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Kew Gardens, among other popular sites. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and spend an afternoon in London exploring the city’s top sights while testing your skills and knowledge.


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