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Camino Pampa: Gaucho Day Tour/Horseback Ride

by Emeri Callahan

Mar 24, 2019

Horseback riding on the Mazatland Shore © Jseens | Dreamstime

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If you’ve ever wanted to pretend you’re a cowboy for the day, here’s your chance. Step into the boots of a gaucho on Camino Pampa’s estancia experience. The day starts at 8 a.m. with a pickup at your hotel in Buenos Aires to travel about an hour and a half into the countryside via private vehicle. Your guide will meet you in San Antonio de Areco, a historic gaucho town, where you will learn about the art of silver and metal-working and walk the sleepy colonial streets.


From there, your guide will lead you down a dirt trail to a beautiful, working estancia (ranch) that sprawls across multiple pastures and houses. The friendly staff will be waiting with a hand-made empanada and a glass of wine to take with you on a carriage-ride of the ranch. At noon, everyone in your group will be seated on a picturesque outdoor veranda for a traditional asada (barbecue) lunch, made from beef off the land. Accompanying the asada is live Argentinian folk music and dancing performed by the estancia’s gauchos.


The finale is where the tour really shines. The gauchos are given the chance to display their showmanship with horses and ask them to perform with the patience and loyalty of a well-trained dog. It’s incredible to witness the bond between a horse and his gaucho, and you can feel the love and trust between the two.


While gimmicky at times, spending a full day at an estancia is a great way to dive into a part of Argentina’s culture most tourists don’t take the time to experience.





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