Camping in your Car

by Audrey Lee

Oct 11, 2018

Alpine Lake, Alaska © Oksanaphoto | Dreamstime

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Camping in your car is a fantastic, cheap way to see the country without footing a hotel bill. Depending on which state you are in, picking a place to park for the night can give you unbelievable views to wake up to. Before packing your vehicle, test out these car camping tips to see if sleeping in your car is for you.

Make Some Calls

As you begin your journey, you may realize you can’t exactly park anywhere you please to camp. Figure out where you want to go and see if there is a national park nearby. Once you locate that, call to find out what facilities the park keeps open for you to use. If a park is not an option, Walmart allows cars to remain in their parking lots overnight.

Do Not Use Your Car Light

Resisting the temptation to use the interior lights in your car to see is hard. Using those lights might drain your battery, which can leave you stranded if no help is around. Instead, pack flashlights or hang some battery-operated string lights to help you see at night.

Use Wool

For colder camping adventures, use wool blankets. Being a natural insulator, wool will keep you warm from any cold that might enter your car. Cotton fabrics trap moisture and can freeze, making it a risky material to wear or cover up in. To avoid moisture in your car, crack a window slightly before going to sleep. Although it may sound counterintuitive, cracking a window will prevent your car from steaming up, which will make you colder.

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