Celebrate International Tabletop Day

by Erich Martin

Apr 18, 2019

© Jitka Svetnickova | Dreamstime.com

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International Tabletop Day started a few years ago as a reason for people to get together and participate in a hobby they love.


The last Saturday in April, International Tabletop Day is an excuse for you to pull out your favorite tabletop game.


Tabletop games consist of anything you can actually play on top of the table. These range from traditional board games like Monopoly and Risk to modern classics like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Card games, role-playing games and miniature-based war games are also fair game. Basically, if it can be played on a literal table, it is celebratory of the day.


Many of these games are popular, and it is likely one of your friends has a copy of Catan or Ticket to Ride to contribute to the cause. The tough thing about enjoying tabletop games on a regular basis is getting enough people free and in the same room long enough to actually play games. A national day takes scheduling out of the occasion, so if your group of friends loves board games, you should make hay while the sun shines.


Make an evening of it. Order some pizzas, pick up some beer and have a great time reconnecting with friends you might not have seen in awhile while playing some great games.




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