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Celebrate Keep America Beautiful Month Every April

by Benjamin Kerns

Jun 1, 2020

© Serenethos | Dreamstime.com

Trends / Sustainability

April is designated Keep America Beautiful Month, a weeks-long celebration of our country’s environment, and the perfect opportunity to help keep it clean. Here are a few ways to celebrate.


The Great American Cleanup is an annual event that runs through June and was initially developed as a way to foster community engagement through cleaning up litter. It’s celebrated in an estimated 15,000 communities nationwide and has grown to include garden plantings, community education events and group recycling.


Visit our parks. Spring is the best time to explore the nation’s natural beauty. Our national parks are safe havens in the country that should be protected at all costs. Head to your local park and participate in a clean-up event. You can get some exercise, enjoy nature and pick up trash along the way.


With social distancing in full effect, it can be difficult to get out and about to enjoy our parks. Hopefully that fact changes by the next Keep America Beautiful Month, but one thing you can do on your own or with a family member, at any time, is to plant a tree. This simple act is a great way to celebrate the month while also helping to beautify the environment. You can also adopt a highway and do a little roadside cleanup while there are less cars on the streets.


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