Charcoal Teeth Whitening

by Audrey Lee

Dec 10, 2018

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Products / Beauty

Activated charcoal has many beneficial properties, like being able to filter toxins from the body when someone overdosed on drugs or filtering natural water to absorb any bacteria or fungus that may be found. It can be found in many beauty products to draw dirt out from the skin.


Although there is no current supportive research, activated charcoal found in teeth-whitening products claim to help oral health by being antiviral, antibacterial and detoxifying. Other claims have been made that the charcoal absorbs plaque and other materials that stain teeth. The powder is not the substance you find in your grill or on a pan after you roast your favorite vegetables.


For only $5.95, Walmart sells a charcoal whitening kit that includes a 30-gram container of organic, charcoal powder made from coconut shells and two toothbrushes made of bamboo. This set is perfect as a gift for someone or something for you to personally use.


Dentists warn users that since not too much research has been done on if the product is safe or not, they cannot officially approve the product. They also warn using any teeth whitener with too much abrasion can damage the enamel that protects the teeth from cavities.




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