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Cheap Eats in Porto

by Jack Guy

May 14, 2019

© Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

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Portugal’s second city is a great place to spend time, and you can get great food on a budget. Here are some of the best cheap eats in town.


Taberna Santo Antonio is always packed thanks to generous portions of traditional dishes from just €5 per plate for the daily special. If it’s too busy to get a table, you can get a spot on the waiting list and drink a beer out front while another party finishes up.


Tia Aninhas is a bit away from the center of the city, but it’s worth stopping into for the €6 menu of the day. For that price you will get soup, a main course, drink and coffee, an almost unbelievable value given the quality of the food.


A Capoeira in Foz is known for its amazing cod a la bras, only cooked once per week, and octopus rice. Other traditional dishes fill the menu, and portions are family-sized so bring some friends.


A Cozinha do Manel is a hugely popular place that has attracted a stellar list of clients, including sports stars and politicians. Despite the A-list appeal, the food is affordable, with classics such as duck rice and roast veal among the recommended dishes.



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