Check Out This Karaoke Ferris Wheel

by Megan Hill

Oct 15, 2017

Ferris Wheel © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

Tips / Travel

In a worldwide first, Japan opened a karaoke Ferris wheel.

The Tokyo Dome City entertainment complex retrofitted the cars of its Big O Wheel to include karaoke. The decade-old ride is a popular attraction, and the park’s rollercoaster, the Thunder Dolphin, goes through it. It’s also the world’s largest center-less Ferris wheel.

It’s a great fit for Japan, the birthplace of karaoke. The project is a collaboration with Tokyo karaoke company Joysound.

Eight of the Big O’s 40 gondolas now have karaoke machines complete with microphones, essentially turning them into private singing rooms similar to those found at popular karaoke clubs.

As the wheel turns for a duration of 15 minutes, riders can belt out their favorite songs for no extra charge. Up to four people are allowed in a gondola at a time, and they can choose from a line up of 50 classics and new hits.

The glass gondolas also show off the Japanese capital below. Rides cost 820 yen per person.

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