Chicago Pizza Versus New York Pizza

by Nia Scott

Feb 14, 2019

© Eric Chan | Flickr

Trends / Food & Drink

Across America, Chicago and New York are famous for pizza. Both pizza styles differ from each other, but each are equally delicious. Some are adamant New York is better than Chicago and vice versa. However, which type is truly the best? This question is difficult to answer because ultimately it comes down to personal preference — the pizzas are not the same.

New York pizza is so popular NYC expats in other cities will have the water shipped to them to recreate the dough consistency at home. These pizzas are known for thin, crispy crust topped with a thin layer of tomato sauce and cheese. The pizzas are not packed with sauce and cheese. Fans of the NY pizza don’t expect cheese or sauce to slide off. The NY pizza is also cut into triangles and known for dripping oil from the grease. Fans of these components will favor NYC pizza over Chicago any day of the week.

Chicago pizza is deep-dish and usually requires utensils to devour all of it. People cut out portions of a deep-dish pizza and serve it like casserole versus the slim triangle slices of NYC pizza. The deep-dish design of Chicago pizza allows for layers of substantial toppings. This means the Chicago style can offer more toppings in one serving than a New York pizza slice. Deep-dish pizzas also have less oil than New York pizza.

There is no real winner between these pizzas, but they are both unique and should be tasted multiple times throughout a lifetime.


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