Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Offers Exhibits for Adults

by Holly Riddle

Mar 9, 2019

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Think you won’t enjoy a children’s museum just because of the title? The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest in the world, offers exhibits that appeal to all ages, including the limited-time Star Trek exhibit.


Through April 7, sci-fi fans can check out the “Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds” exhibition. It includes more than 100 artifacts from the television series and the films, including the ship’s navigation console, costumes and more.


Star Trek has entertained, educated and inspired generations of fans which makes an exhibit exploring Star Trek’s role in advancing science and technology a perfect fit for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis,” said Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen, president and CEO, The Children’s Museum. “Together, families will undoubtedly reminisce about the past, enjoying the iconic characters and artifacts they’ve loved, while discussing the impact Star Trek has had influencing the future by promoting equality and advancing science and popular culture.”


If you can’t make it to the museum before April 7, you’ll still definitely enjoy the “American POP” exhibit. The year-round gallery celebrates all things pop culture, with a focus on music, television, comics, toys, fashion and more. Check out one of the world’s largest Batman memorabilia collections, some of your favorite classic toys and recognizable items from celeb collections.


Sports fans should check out Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience. There are tons of activities including, yes, even sports gear for adults, so you don’t have to stand on the sidelines, and displays on sports-related art, basketball history and more.

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