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Chilean Specialties Not to Miss

by Emeri Callahan

Feb 9, 2019

Chile © Dmitry Pichugin |

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It goes without saying a major part of travel to different countries is experiencing a variety of culinary specialities. Chile is a wealth of delicious, rich foods that beg to be savored by every passing traveler.



The ultimate grab-and-go lunch item, empanadas are a staple of Chilean cuisine. Find a mom-and-pop bakery and don’t be afraid to try everything in the display case (ground beef with raisins, mushroom and cheese, and even chocolate) as they will only cost about $2 each.



Chilean asado is an experience just as much as it is a meal. An asado usually consists of beef, pork, chicken or chorizo cooked over an open flame in a BBQ-like setting surrounded by friends and family. Loosen your belt and prepare for a good time.



Otherwise known as a “heart attack on a plate,” this munchie food is made by topping french fries with fresh meat (usually beef), caramelized onions, melted cheese and a fried egg. If this sounds like exactly what you crave after a night out on the town, you would be correct.


Pisco Sour

You’ll find Pisco Sours listed on nearly every menu around Chile. Known as a staple cocktail of the country, the base liquor of the drink is pisco and the sour references the citrus juice mixed in. You’ll find all sorts of variations to tickle your fancy — including strawberry pisco, pineapple pisco and even pisco mixed with Coca Cola.


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