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Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, The Gambia

Jun 29, 2020

© Dennis Jacobsen | Dreamstime.com

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Since 1979, the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project has operated on a group of islands in The Gambia.


Founded in order to care for orphaned and unwanted chimpanzees, the CRP also allows visitors Thursday to Sunday. Situated inside River Gambia National Park, there are now more than 100 chimpanzees living in four different social groups.


The project is the main attraction in the national park, around a five-hour drive from the capital city of Banjul. Once there, take boat tours around the islands to see the chimps, as well as baboons, red colobus monkeys and green vervet monkeys. There are also other animals in the area, such as crocodiles, hippos and many species of birds.


Sleep in safari tents on raised platforms and enjoy the sounds of the river before heading back to Banjul or further inland. Each tent has two single beds with mosquito nets, and meals are provided.


One thing to bear in mind is solo travelers aren’t allowed unless by special arrangement, but it’s worth the extra hassle to get to see the place and learn about the animals from expert local guides who really know their stuff.


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