Cycle Tours of Vienna, Austria

by Jack Guy

Dec 8, 2018

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A total feast for the senses, Austria’s markets are an experience not to be missed. In Vienna, the Naschmarkt, functioning as early as the 18th century, offers endless rows of produce, seafood, homemade pasta, bread and cheese stalls. Other great markets include Schrannenmarkt in Salzburg and Tyrol’s Potter’s Market in Hall.

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The Austrian capital is bike-friendly and you will be able to cover a lot of ground by hopping on two wheels. In fact, almost all of the major sights are accessible to cyclists staying anywhere near the center of the city.

One of the most famous cycle tours you can do is to follow the Ringstrasse, a boulevard that runs around the historic center of town. Along the way you will see countless landmarks, such as Am Hof and Judenplatz square, the museums and the Danube canal. It’s also easy to divert off into the central district, home to the cathedral, opera house and countless cafés and shops.

Those who want to go on a longer ride and see what lies further afield can take their bike out to the wine village of Nussdorf, along the Danube bike path. This way you will get to see one of Europe’s mightiest rivers and the underappreciated Austrian wine country. Just don’t overindulge before your ride back.

You can join organized bike tours run by guides, or you can take out your own machine and go wherever the feeling takes you. Vienna Citybike is a public rental system with thousands of bikes dotted around the city, so you can hop on and hop off whenever you want.



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