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Diner En Blanc Philadelphia is Back

by Audrey Lee

Aug 3, 2021

Photos by Minh Cao | Dinner En Blanc

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The City of Brotherly Love is back with the highly anticipated Diner en Blanc returning after the 2020 event was canceled. The concept embodies a Parisian dinner party for thousands of people to enjoy. The first experience launched in 1988 in Paris, with just a few friends of Francois Pasquier. Since then, the stunning event expanded to a worldwide phenomenon with participants in 80 cities across 30 countries. In the beginning, the gathering was strictly a word-of-mouth event. With the growth of social media and instant information, guests now must be invited by a participant who attended the year before or register for the waiting list on the official website. The 2021 event is sold out but those who would like to participate can join the waiting list.


Dinner En Blanc

Photos by Minh Cao | Diner En Blanc

Every year the location in each participating city is kept a secret until the day of. While waiting for the venue drop, guests prepare for the night. As the name suggests, participants must wear all white only. The outfits range from cocktail attire to ballgowns, making this event not only about the party, but also the fashion. For dinner, guests are asked to bring everything with them. This includes a table, dishes, silverware, food and a centerpiece if desired. Guests can create elaborate table settings or appreciate the simplicity in a white backdrop for the Instagram-worthy food. Once the location has been revealed, attendees make their way and locate their Table Leader, who directs them where to set up.


Dinner en Blanc Philadelphia

Photo by Minh Cao | Diner En Blanc


Per tradition, guests set up their space as quickly as possible, but do not take a seat until all who are in their assigned row have their tables and chairs in place. Once everyone is ready, everyone rallies white cloth napkins in the air as the official kick-off to the evening. Each table brings their own meal and are free to choose whatever they would like to dine on that evening. Foods like sushi, fish, chicken, veal and summer vegetables that pair well with white wine are suggested, but not required. Light music plays while guests enjoy their meals over candles and conversation. Once everyone is finished, the signature moment of lighting sparklers ignites the opening of the dance floor.


Dinner En Blanc

Photo by Minh Cao | Diner En Blanc


Guests enjoy music and dancing for the remainder of the event, rain or shine. At the end of the evening, everyone packs up their belongings, trash and leftover food to leave the space as clean as it was when they arrived. In unison, guests leave together with memories and anticipation for next year’s event.


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