Donation: A Guide to Giving it all Away

by Anne Flannery

Jul 11, 2018

clothes © Piccia Neri | Dreamstime.com

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If you are looking around your apartment thinking you have too much stuff, you are not alone. There is no shame in a good spring-cleaning, or a summer or fall one for that matter. The only thing to know is how to repurpose your possessions for the better so they do not end up in the garbage laying waste somewhere new. Here are some new ideas for giving it all away.


First, don’t underestimate the efficiency of a free box. If you have some smaller items or even a larger piece of furniture, put it out on the curb for a day or two with a free sign and you will be surprised how fast it will disappear. Be careful to watch the weather, however, so things don’t get ruined and end up in the trash by default.


If that avenue doesn’t work, call your local veterans donation organization, like the Purple Hearts. They will often pick up larger items, but accept clothing, too.


If your pantry is overstocked with canned food, look into your local food bank or a national organization like Feed America, which will help you find a local one.


If you have clothes, makeup or beauty products, look for organizations that help people prepare for interviews. These items are an investment that is not easy to make when you are trying to get back on your feet and this can be a huge confidence boost for people. Dress for Success is a great option and also ask local women’s shelters if they accept the donation of makeup or toiletries. They usually do.



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