Dropps Laundry Pods

by Allie Moore

Jun 2, 2019

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Finding a place to do laundry while traveling can be quite the scavenger hunt. Relying on public laundromats is a questionable task as their existence, especially in remote locations, is not always guaranteed, and having detergent on hand is not always at the top of travelers’ lists of concerns. Eco-conscious travelers sought and adopted a handful of solutions that make doing laundry on the road easy on the environment and the wallet.


Dropps laundry pods are an example of such a product that makes doing laundry as simple as dropping a pod into the nearest washing machine. The square-shaped pods of detergent are created without the irritants, chemicals and dyes found in normal laundry pods, and instead are filled with plant-based, chlorine-free, biodegradable ingredients that leave you with clean clothes and a clean conscience. Dropps also has specific laundry pods for sensitive skin.


Travelers can sign up for Dropps’ subscription service to stay on top of their laundry detergent needs, even when not traveling, but one-time purchases are also available for $20 for 64 loads (or about 31 cents per load). Shoppers can also purchase couple, family or bulk packages with more pods for a greater discount.


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