Eagle Creek Women’s Global Companion

by Emeri Callahan

Jan 7, 2019

© Alexey Poprotskiy | Dreamstime

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It can be a difficult task to find the perfect travel bag: It should be lightweight, comfortable on your shoulders, have thoughtful compartments and pockets and make organization easy. The Eagle Creek Women’s Global Companion does all of the above and more.


The backpack is designed to fit a woman’s body with ergonomic support that makes carrying it long distances a breeze. While the bag does come in black and blue, the maroon-colored option adds a feminine touch.


Not only is the backpack stylish, but it’s also built for efficiency. One factor that sets it apart in this regard is the way in which the interior is organized. Opening the backpack is similar to opening a traditional suitcase, with two separate, large compartments covered with mesh. It’s a 40-liter capacity bag, which means you’ll be able to fit in clothes for a three- to five-day trip with ease.


Other features include a bottom shoe compartment that seals off the dirt and moisture of your footwear so you can keep the rest of your belongings dry and smell-free. That same area is covered with a durable, weather-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about setting your bag down on something wet.


Whether you’re planning a backpacking trip or looking for a hands-free weekender bag, the Global Companion is certain to do the trick.


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