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Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Destress, Decompress and (Try to) Stay Sane

by Angelique Platas

Nov 9, 2020

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After a whirlwind year — one we are still working through — of so few ups and so many downs, now is a great time to refocus on the positive, try to destress and decompress.


Heading into the holiday season, an infamously stressful time, there’s no better time to get ahead of the madness than now, and no better way than by instilling healthy habits in yourself with a low-maintenance, easy-to-follow self-help routine.


Create a Simple Routine
Before bed, create a list of accomplishments you’d like to see through the next day — it can be anything from taking a 30-minute walk at lunch, signing up for an online course or trying a new recipe. Waking up to a plan, no matter how simple, can really set the tone for the entire day.


Wake Up Calmly
Create a simple and healthy wake-up routine for yourself, whether that means meditating for five minutes before you leave your room or drinking a lemon water first thing out of bed, do something simple, quiet, relaxing and only for you before officially beginning your day. Notice at no point did we say to read the news or scroll through your phone?


Limit Screen Time
Speaking of phones and news, try to limit the amount of time you spend looking at a screen during the day. Working from home, teaching from home and checking in with friends and family via Skype and FaceTime is already a lot of time dedicated to looking at a screen — most of which is necessary — so cut out the extra, unnecessary time, like scrolling through social media or online shopping. Anytime you want to check your feed, head outside for a quick walk and listen to music or a podcast.


Bring Joy
While we all hopped on the Marie Kondo method years ago, now is a good time to use her method in your everyday life — not just your closet. Do one thing every day that sparks joy. It sounds simple, but varies for everyone and can even change by the day. It could be anything from going for a brisk run in the morning, evening yoga, calling a friend you miss, overhauling a room that needs deep cleaning and organization, donating time and effort at a shelter or a simple bubble bath. Find something that brings you joy and peace and make time for it during your day.


Make 2021 Plans
Look ahead to the new year by booking that trip you missed this year for next year. Having something on the books for the coming months can lift your spirits immensely, and you have plenty of time to put some cash away for a fun 2021 vacation — maybe add the travel insurance option, just in case.


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Nov 10, 2020

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