ENKEEO Lite Camping Fan

by Benjamin Kerns

May 15, 2018

Camping © Monkey Business Images Ltd | Dreamstime.com

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The ENKEEO Lite is the world’s first four-in-one camping fan designed to keep you comfortable while also providing you with much-needed power out in the wild.

The mini-fan has an ergonomic design that allows the head to rotate 180 degrees to give you maximum coverage. Three different wind speeds allow you to adjust just the breeze. The built-in battery holds 4000mAh of juice to keep the fan running for up to 12 hours. It can also be used to charge your other devices on the go. An included USB cable lets you hook up to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

ENEEKO Lite comes with two separate light sources. The primary LED lamp is located in the base of the fan and features 220 lumens to help you light up a tent or room. You’ll find the flashlight nestled in the center of the fan itself. With 80 lumens and three different lighting modes, it’s perfect for guiding your way at night.

Few camping fans offer as much bang for your buck in such a little package, which is why it’s such a great tool for travelers. It’ll fit snugly inside a backpack or carry-on and can be used to help you tour a city at night or keep the trail lit on a rugged backcountry adventure overseas.

The ENKEEO Lite is still in the funding stages with shipment estimated to begin in May. Check out the website for more information on features and how to get your own.

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