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Ergonomic Travel Pillows Make Your Trips More Comfortable

by Tiffany Chisholm

Mar 6, 2020

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Ergonomic products are made to increase comfort and reduce the likelihood of injuries. They are popular in office equipment, but now they’re entering the travel realm with ergonomic travel pillows.


Ergonomic travel pillows are designed to give you the best travel experience. The pillow is supposed to keep your head steady and prevent your neck from falling forward as you sleep. These are perfect for any kind of transport, from cars to airplanes and everything in between. They can adjust to your seat or can be strewn across the chest like a bag or above the head on car or airplane seats like a head rest.


The pillow provides ergonomic support to prevent tension in the body and straining of the neck. It is inflatable and can be adjusted for each person. It is also washable and easilydeflated.


This pillow makes it easier fall asleep faster. It fits in a bag or suitcase once it is rolled up, making transportation super simple


This product is great for people with chronic back or neck pain, and is available on Amazon for about $25. If this travel pillow doesn’t do it for you, check out a few other options from Travelrest, Cabeau and Trtl.





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