Exercise While Flying

by Anne Flannery

Jun 13, 2018

© Pavlo Vakhrushev | Dreamstime

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Everyone has his or her limit. Maybe is it five hours, maybe 45 minutes, perhaps you can watch movies and eat airplane food for 12 hours before getting restless, but eventually you will have to use the restroom or make sure your lower back is still able to function. In order to get a head start on the aches and pains that accompany long-distance air travel, take a few minutes every hour to exercise in your seat. There are a series of simple moves that can keep you energized throughout the flight.

Ankle Rotations
Move your left foot, right foot and then both feet in a circulation motion clockwise and then counterclockwise for 30-second intervals, repeat three times.

While seated, create the motion of standing on the balls of your feet and hold for 10 seconds, then reverse the move and stand on the heels of your feet with toes pointed upward, repeat five times. 

Knee Fold
Pull one knee into your chest and hold for 30 seconds, switch to your other knee and then repeat three times.

Shoulder Crunch
Hunch your shoulders up as close to your ears as possible, hold for 10 seconds and repeat five times. 

The Neck Roll
Tilt your head back and look up, then roll your neck in a circular motion clockwise and then counter clockwise, repeat 10 times. 

Repeat these moves every hour or more and you should arrive at your destination more rested and relaxed.

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