Exfoliating Skin Care

by Audrey Lee

Dec 7, 2018

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Dried-out skin can be the bane of most people during the long winter months when humidity outside is down and the heat in your house is turned up. Taking care of your skin during these times is crucial to avoid any irritation, itchiness or cracking. The first step is by exfoliating away the old, dead skin so new healthy skin can grow.


Starting with your face, try using the Foreo Luna Mini 2. This small device will massage your face gently to reveal a glowing new layer of skin underneath. Use a mild cleanser with it to make sure to not damage the delicate skin on your face to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The Luna Mini 2 is $139 on the official website.


Working your way down, your body may be the main area where you experience the most itch. From head to toe, try an exfoliating sponge from Spongelle. These body wash-infused sponges buffer dead skin away to leave your skin radiant and moisturized. Prices vary depending on what you are looking for, but the original sponge is $16 in the box or $14 without the box. The Spongelle company also has a men’s line to help buff away the roughest of skin.


Your feet are usually the most neglected part of the body when it comes to skin care. Rough, dry heels can be painful, especially when wearing shoes that rub against them. Get rid of the roughness with a Baby Soft Foot Peel by Boscia. For $20, this exfoliator will peel away all dead skin from your feet, making them feel baby smooth.




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