ExOfficio Undergarments for Travelers

by Susan Finch

Jul 22, 2019

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Travel pros already know there’s an art to selecting the right clothes to withstand the demands of being on the road. From non-wrinkle shirts and dresses to creating a micro-capsule wardrobe that easily mixes and matches together, there’s a solution for every situation. But undergarments are often overlooked as a travel must-have. Not all undergarments are travel-ready and require the right style and material for effortless packing and wear. ExOfficio makes it easy with quick-drying, comfortable and lightweight material. You can even wash, wring, roll and hang your undergarments while on the road for quick-drying. Here’s the run-down on which ExOfficio undergarments to choose.


Full Cut Brief, Bikinis, Hipkinis, and Thongs
A smooth waistband makes ExOfficio’s line of women’s undergarments comfortable whether you’re mountain biking or trail running. A sports mesh is designed for fast drying and is highly breathable, so active travelers stay comfortable all day.


Bras and Tops
Soft, comfortable and easy to wear; ExOfficio’s women’s bras and tops make it easy to wash up undergarments in the sink while you travel. The bralettes aren’t padded, and aren’t designed with sports in mind, but are a lightweight alternative for travel. Layer an ExOfficio tank under an outfit to stay cool and comfortable without chafing. The antimicrobial treatments reduce odor, making it a good option for travel to hot destinations.


Men’s Give-N-Go Classic Boxers, Boxer Briefs, and Briefs
Designed with a traditional classic boxer in mind, the Give-N-Go Classic is breathable and can go from completely wet to dry in just more than two hours.


Men’s Give-N-Go Tee or V-Neck
These feature a stretch to fit design that’s lightweight and easy to wear, whether sightseeing or on a hike. ExOfficio also treats their garments with antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor in the fabric, and suggest packing just two for any trip and wash and drip dry on the go.


ExOfficio also gets bonus points for recommending just a few undergarments for the road and washing out as you go. There’s no need to build up an entire undergarment wardrobe or invest in pieces for every day of the travel week. That also means more room in your suitcase for more important wardrobe pieces than what you’re wearing underneath.



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