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Explore Atlanta Through Its Tiny Doors

by Susan Finch

Nov 28, 2019

© Anna Crowe

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Take a walk through Atlanta’s bustling streets, and you may notice tiny doors cemented into underpass tunnels, along with old buildings, and on the Atlanta Beltline. Often depicting whimsical themes or colors, resident artist Karen Anderson Singer sculpts these quirky seven-inch doors. The visual artist wanted to create conversational street art that respected and reflected the neighborhood. Today, she works by invitation from area neighborhoods and institutions looking to bring her tiny art to their walls.


You can even take a self-guided Tiny Doors tour around Atlanta to see more of the city and collect selfies with these vibrant doors. The website provides a map of all of the tiny door installations, primarily stretching in a loose circle from the East Atlanta and Grant Park area, heading north toward the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and back downtown to the State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta.


You’ll also find a few surprises along the way, like the “tiny door” that’s 658 times the size of the other pint-sized doors you’ll find. Located on the Eastside Beltline Trail, the door is designed to make visitors feel tiny and debuted at Hotel Indigo Midtown during Super Bowl 2019. If you’re visiting Atlanta for a layover or a short trip, see the tiny doors along the Atlanta Beltline. Stop at Parish’s basement coffee shop for a quick snack and take it to go while exploring the trail.



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