Exploring Auckland’s Rangitoto Island

by Benjamin Kerns

Nov 24, 2018

Auckland, New Zealand © Zambezishark | Dreamstime

Trends / Adventure

Of the 48 volcanic cones surrounding the city of Auckland, Rangitoto is both the youngest and the largest. It offers a wealth of outdoor adventure for anyone wiling to make the trip. From off-roading to epic hikes to the top, it’s a must when visiting the city.


There are many methods of getting to Rangitoto, but one of the best is booking a guided kayaking trip to the island. Night tours, in particular, are loads of fun and offer great views of the sunset beyond the city skyline. Once on the island there’s no shortage of interesting things to see and do. A hike to the peak of the cone takes roughly an hour, and along the way you’ll pass by black lava caves to explore. At the top you’re rewarded with incredible views of the emerald islands and the Waitakere Range.


Rangitoto Island is also a popular spot among fisherman who enjoy all of the great beachside and offshore catches to be had. Scuba diving and swimming are also popular forms of recreation here, though you won’t find much in the way of great surf. However, Rangitoto does have a wonderful reputation among camping enthusiasts for its spectacular scenery and excellent year-round weather.


The abundance of local plant life makes for an incredibly scenic and relaxing walk, and a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Auckland if you find the hectic pace becoming too much.


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