Find the Best Trails With AllTrails

by Eugenia Lazaris

Sep 12, 2019

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Mobile phone apps are changing the way we live our lives and sometimes that change is for the better. With mobile phones we can access a wealth of information anytime, anywhere and useful apps help coordinate that information into an even easier to use format.


Apps that help us navigate the great outdoors, such as AllTrails, are making it easier for everyone to hit hiking trails by collecting trails and categorizing them in one easy-to-navigate place. AllTrails is easy to download to any mobile device and has a database that includes more than 75,000 trails worldwide. AllTrails will automatically find you all the trails at your current location and let you choose from all skill levels so you no longer have to worry about trying to tackle a hike above your skill level.


You can also search for trails in other destinations so you can plan hikes wherever your travels take you. AllTrails does all the hard work for you, including giving you driving directions to the hike of your choice so you know when you are in the right location.


You can track your trail history, including your lifetime stats and your personal records. AllTrails also lets you set a favorites list and save trails you would like explore in the future. AllTrails takes the guesswork out of finding hiking trails so you can focus on choosing the best ones for you and even find trails you never knew existed.




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