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Find the Perfect Greek Island for You

Aug 1, 2021


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With more than 6,000 islands total, with 227 inhabited, in Greece, the selection is overwhelming. Which one is perfect for your next vacation?


Narrow down the search by zeroing in on the Aegean archipelago and the Cyclades islands, known for highly developed transportation infrastructures and well-known tourist sites.


With step one completed, ask yourself, are you seeking nightlife and shopping, adventure, beach relaxation, cuisine or romance?





If you answered nightlife and shopping, visit Mykonos
Shoppers delight in Mykonos, which boasts all of the world’s most fashionable brands, alongside stunning scenery and great beaches. Those great beaches also host some of the island’s most storied nightlife events: beach parties. At Paradise Beach, revelers will find many of Mykonos’ popular beach clubs.


If you answered adventure, visit Paros
Paros stands out for its watersports and adventure offerings, especially for those travelers looking for windsurfing, kiteboarding and surfing. July and August offer ideal conditions for partaking in these adventures, and modern, well-equipped outfitters and facilities assist visitors in indulging in all types of watersports.


If you answered beach relaxation, visit Milos
For travelers seeking sun, sand and blissful beach relaxation, opt for Milos. The volcanic nature of Milos lends a different hue to the sands and water of its beaches. The interesting rock formations around the beaches perfectly complement the magnificent colors. Some of the most noteworthy beaches include Tsigrado, Paleochon, Agia Kyriaki and Firiplaka.





If you answered cuisine, visit Crete
While all Greek food highlights the highest-quality natural ingredients, the distinguished, traditional cuisine of Crete stands out for its local produce, like mountain herbs and greens, unique cheeses, seafood and the famous Cretan oil. Foodies will find dishes and libations to satiate their love of travel and gastronomy.


If you answered romance, visit Santorini
Nothing conjures the idea of romance more than the stunning views over Santorini’s iconic blue domed roofs. Couples seeking the perfect setting for love on their next vacation, look no further than Santorini, offering beaches, luxury hotels, breathtaking scenery and dedicated wedding industry providers to assist with planning weddings and honeymoons.


Learn more about Greece’s unbelievable islands and plan your trip today.


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Find the Perfect Greek Island for You

With more than 6,000 islands total, with 227 inhabited, in Greece, the selection is overwhelming. Which one is perfect for your next vacation?

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