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France Institutes Ban on Plastics

by Allie Moore

Mar 31, 2020

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With Hawai’i removing single-use plastics from the islands and California banning single-use toiletries from all hotel rooms, scores of companies and organizations are getting on board to reduce the amount of plastic they use. But, for the first time, an entire country, France, will get behind this initiative in the name of Mother Nature.


A few years ago, the French government passed a law (to go into effect this year) that bans the majority of plastic cups, plates and cutlery throughout the country. The law includes one exception: utensils composed of at least 50 percent disposable and biodegradable materials (a figure that will increase to 60 percent in 2025).


With approximately 4.73 billion plastic cups deposited in the trash each year and with only 1 percent of plastic cups going into the recycling bin, this new law will change how French citizens view and buy single-use products.


In 2015, France banned plastic bags as part of its Energy Transition for Green Growth Act. As part of this initiative, as well as the new law, plus France’s position as the host of the historic COP21 summit in 2015, France hopes to establish itself as a leader in reducing green gas emissions and increasing its use of renewable energy sources.


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