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Gay Dating Tips for Europe

by Benjamin Kerns

Jan 21, 2019

EuroPride is an annual LGBTI celebration hosted by a different European country each year. This year’s celebration, July 27–Aug. 19, is in Sweden, across the cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. © Conny Sjostrom |

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Dating is complicated. When you’re traveling, it becomes even more difficult to find that special connection, especially if you’re a man or woman trying to date members of the same sex. To avoid any awkward encounters, keep these things in mind while you mingle.


Use Local Apps

While Grindr might be the most popular gay dating app on this side of the Atlantic, there are others in use overseas. Don’t rely on just one app to help you find a date. Instead, research the country you’re in and find the most popular dating apps in order to open yourself up to more choices.


Learn the Culture

Dating culture varies widely across the world. Americans are notoriously more conservative in our encounters than much of Europe. However, you will find a few European countries are still fairly traditional. Be sure you’re not overstepping any boundaries.


Know the Laws

While most of Europe has done away with laws forbidding same-sex relations, there are a few holdouts. Ensure you’re not in one of those countries before engaging in flirty behavior, otherwise you might end up behind bars or worse.


Be Open

There are going to be a lot of differences in the way an American and European approach a relationship. Be open to new ideas, and don’t box yourself into traditional values that might be a turn-off to others. The point of travel is to experience different cultures, and dating is part of that!


Just Have Fun

Most importantly, have a good time while you’re meeting new people. You likely won’t be in the country for long, so don’t commit to something you know won’t work long-distance. Line up as many dates and experiences as you can as you go!




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Apr 24, 2019

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