Getting Started with Kayaking

by Erich Martin

May 4, 2019

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It is always great to get out on the water and enjoy summer weather. There are bunches of ways to actually get out on the water, but kayaking is one of my favorites.


The good news about kayaking is you can get involved in the hobby for relatively cheap, and without any real investment at all to start.


Start by looking for a service near you that offers kayak rentals. These usually are available for anywhere from a half hour to a few hours, with a corresponding range of prices. Even if you are landlocked, chances are any river or lake with access for boats will offer some kind of kayak rental service that usually includes some type of on-land lesson before your time begins.


Once you have kayaked a few times, it is time to decide whether you want to get more deeply involved with the sport. Kayaks are ubiquitous in sporting goods sections. Luckily, kayaks are on the cheap side, and you can easily find one to get you started for less than $300.


Once you have the kayak itself, all that is left is to determine where you actually wish to go kayaking. Once you have your spot picked out, you need to make sure you have the proper permit to go kayaking there. These are usually relatively inexpensive, and, depending on the governing body, might be cheaper for residents of specific areas.


Once you have all this, you are all set to kayak. Make sure to pack a whistle for emergencies and a life vest in case anything goes wrong. Enjoy your time on the water.


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