Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans

by Erich Martin

Jan 18, 2019

coffee © HongChan001 | Dreamstime

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Coffee aficionados always tell you fresh-ground beans produce fresher, better tasting coffee. The world of coffee is a vast one; however, there are many ways to grind your own coffee.


First, find yourself a supply of roasted coffee beans. This is a great resource for finding an eclectic mix of roasters. Stay on the lookout for the roasters local to you as well, as they can often get overlooked for bigger names.


Next, you want to decide what kind of grinder you want to use. These come in all designs and factors, including electric and hand-powered.


Painting with broad strokes, it is easy to characterize manual grinders as smaller and cheaper than the electric counterparts, but there is more that goes into the decision.


Electric grinders are much better at producing a fine grind, making it perfect for drinks like espresso. Manual grinders result in a coarser grind much better suited for drinks like French press coffee or pour-over brews.


As the name implies, a manual grinder is more of a time investment. It will take longer and require more work to brew a cup of Joe, but the apparatus will also take up less space on your counter. Many electric grinders are the size of small blenders.


All said, manual grinders provide a cheaper alternate for those who enjoy to work for their coffee. The pour-over style of the brewing makes the course grind a perfect strategy, and will make sure your coffee never tasted better.


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