Guide to Granada’s Bar Scene

by Nia Scott

Apr 15, 2019

Granada, Spain © Minnystock | Dreamstime

Trends / Food & Drink

Spain is known worldwide for its legendary nightlife. From Ibiza to Barcelona, this country consistently excels in offering fun nighttime activities. Travelers in Spain must plan for nights out to truly experience all the country has to offer. Although not as popular for nightlife as Ibiza or Barcelona, Granada is just as equally fantastic. With a little less foot traffic, nights out in this city might be more enjoyable with bars and clubs less crowded.

Rated as one of Granada’s most popular nightspots is the Planta Baja. This two-level club with world-renowned DJs is sure to get everyone moving. The party goes all night at this establishment. It’s easy to find and located in the heart of Granada. On the first floor, the music consists of old school, hip hop and funk while upstairs is more relaxed and used for lounging. Visitors can dance to their hearts’ desire downstairs, take a break upstairs and then hop back onto the dance floor. Almost every night hosts a different act, so check the website for details and updates.

In addition to wonderful bars, Granada has many options for those looking to hit up the flamenco scene. Le Chien Andalou hosts flamenco performances and is popular with tourists. Make sure to reserve a spot ahead of time for this bar. Once a former water cistern, this intimate bar also offers great food and drinks to enjoy while watching the show. It’s a must-visit for those that want to add some cultural experiences to their nightlife.



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