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Guide to Rafting in the Grand Canyon

by Nia Scott

Aug 8, 2019

Colorado River of Butte, Grand Canyon © Anton Foltin | Dreamstime 42837156

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The Grand Canyon is one of America’s most beloved natural attractions. Thousands of people visit this landmark each year and marvel over the beauty and the vastness of the canyon. Many spend their time taking in the views and driving around to the different viewpoints, while others take their Grand Canyon adventure a step further and get more personal with the canyon. Taking a raft through will grant visitors unparalleled access to the views and wonders of the landmark.


Follow the Colorado River down as long as travelers like to see some unparalleled views of the massive Grand Canyon. The river cuts through some of the most scenic areas is a great adventure for those who like to add some thrills and excitement to a trip. Instead of taking the traditional route and seeing the Grand Canyon from above, dive down into the river and see if from a new perspective.


Along the rafting tour expect to see ancient Indian ruins, hanging gardens and gorgeous overlooks. Keep the camera ready and make sure it’s waterproof. The river is calm in some areas, but in others,  rapids  threaten to tip travelers overboard. The river tour takes a few days to complete, but this means visitors will be privileged to views of the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset and breathtaking nights underneath the stars.


Rafting down the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience filled with endless fun and awe-inspiring views. It’s the best way to experience the Grand Canyon.





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