Guide to the Best Guard Dogs

by Emeri Callahan

Dec 27, 2018

© Anke Van Wyk | Dreamstime

Tips / Safety

Is there any feeling better than bringing home a new dog? I think not. The love and joy they bring to you and your family is second only to the security and peace of mind they can provide. When searching for your next Fido, keep these top guard dog breeds in mind to offer protection and loyalty to you and yours.



Equal parts lover and protector, bullmastiffs are traditionally bred for their physical strength, protective instincts, fearlessness and extreme family loyalty. Although they are the largest size breed of domestic dog, they will be calm and gentle with children and docile in a family environment.



This beautiful and powerful breed originates from the mountainous regions of northern Japan and is known to be courageous, dignified and profoundly loyal. Their instincts make them a bit wary of strangers and distrusting of other animals, but Akitas will happily share their goofy, affectionate side with their family.


German Shepherd

Quick as a whip and equally confident, German shepherds are the dog breed of choice for the police force because of their extreme intelligence and ease in learning commands. They can be calm and collected in the household, but will quickly react if they feel their home or family is in danger.


Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are highly energetic and intelligent. Their speed and alertness make them the perfect dog for guarding large plots of land where they can challenge an intruder in record time. They are loyal companions, and always on the lookout for threats.



Rottweilers are instinctually loyal, relentless protectors of their pack. They can often be wary and mistrust strangers at first because their focus is on keeping their family safe. The breed learns quickly with the right training, and can be a fearless guard dog.


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