Haunted Tourism

by Sarah E. Vrba

Oct 11, 2014

The Stanley Hotel © Steven Miller | Dreamstime

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Savvy travelers have tried it all: strange food, shared sleeping quarters and packed transportation. Still others have been adding spooky destinations to their list of adrenaline rushes. Haunted tourism is picking up steam and nearly every destination has a spine-tingling story to share. Spice up your original travel itinerary with these terrifying twists.


Haunted Dreams

Ever since The Shining hit theaters, haunted hotels have both captivated and disturbed people. From the established elegance of the east coast to the Old West feel of Arizona, California and New Mexico, it only takes a quick search to find a hotel that boasts paranormal activity. Check out hauntedrooms.com or historichotels.org to find a match for your next spooky overnight stay. You can always ask the front desk for the most haunted room in the house.


Ghost Walks

For those who want a taste of the haunted without tossing and turning, haunted walking tours are available throughout the world. Cities like New York, San Francisco and London all boast gruesome and lengthy histories along with multiple walking tour options. But small towns also host spooky walks after sunset, especially closer to Halloween. The French Quarter in New Orleans and Gettysburg are two exceptional destinations for those wanting a shock. Check out hauntedamericatours.com for more information.

Mystery Expeditions

If you want to get hands-on while traveling, a few companies offer paranormal training tours. On these tours, you’ll not only go to some spooky places in the dark but you’ll also work with EMF readers, recording devices and thermal imaging cameras. Ghost hunting in Asheville, Austin, New Orleans and West Virginia are just a few options. Be ready for what you might discover if you start looking a little deeper at the spaces around you.



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