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by Erich Martin

Apr 24, 2019

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There is nothing like visiting an old city. These landmarks have stood the test of time and have their fair share of stories to tell. The beautiful architecture, well-preserved culture and rich history allow visitors to immerse themselves in another world and lose themselves in time. Here are a few of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities around the world.

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Part of the allure of podcasts, aside from being able to listen during practically any activity, comes from the wide breadth of topics they cover. A well-informed host can teach you about any topic you can imagine. In the world of history podcasts, there are many in-depth, factual and entertaining casts to spend time with.


The first podcast that comes to mind is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Carlin covers a few wide-ranging topics, from World War I to Julius Caesar’s subjugation of the Celtic people. These episodes are pretty expansive, stretching to and past five hours of content for the longer shows. The result is a cast that updates less frequently, but provides longer and more in-depth analysis of the history it presents.


The Documentary Podcast is another great dive into history on a much different scale. This podcast is published and produced by the BBC. The feed updates every day and the shows are usually much shorter and focus on micro history. Instead of deep dives into the causes of World War I, these shows tell the stories of influential individuals and regions. The bite-sized stories offer an interesting and refreshing view.


Finally, if you’re looking for a podcast with interviews and commentary from people who lived through certain events, The History Hour, from the BBC World Service, is the cast you want. This cast has 130 episodes to sift through, including an entire collection surveying World War II.


These podcasts have the potential to give you a new look into how certain events unfolded in history and connect listeners to the experiences of those who lived through history.



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